Big Bang Theory Cancel Roommate Agreement

Living with roommates is an often necessary and often boring part of life. Good communication and well-established and respected boundaries are the key to peaceful cohabitation – something the characters in the hit mega-sitcom The Big Bang Theory are familiar with. In fact, Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) is so committed to putting himself and his roommate Leonard Hofstadter (Johnny Galecki) on the same page that he has a roommate agreement that they have to comply with. This document outlines a number of rules that friends must follow when cohabiting, and although many of them are products of Sheldon`s own megalomania, Leonard nonetheless participates. Sheldon took advantage of the roommate deal first and foremost to keep Leonard first. He went beyond his head when Leonard was doing something he wasn`t comfortable with. Leonard wasn`t the only one who tended to break his agreed contract, however. Sheldon would untnowingly do something against the deal he designed. But since he is the only one who took it seriously, no one called him to do so. The roommate deal can be challenged anyway since Leonard and Penny are getting married for the start of the season, meaning Leonard will likely move. Let`s leave to get there on time, Greg.

These other scenarios are not true, but I think Leonard has a strong argument that the deal is so unfavorable to him that it represents a real burden. Most clauses require Leonard to do something or refrain from doing anything, and there is little obligation for Sheldon to respond to any kind of request from Leonard. Leonard, however, did not have to hire an external arbitrator to resolve this issue – he could have used Sheldon`s own decree against him. The episode „The Plimpton Stimulation” of the 3rd. The squadron refers to a roommate agreement that banned all pets (except service animals) from the apartment. Sheldon had already broken the agreement with the first cat after the separation he brought home; When he brought 25 furry friends into the apartment, his violation of the rules had become monstrous. And that`s not the only time Sheldon has broken that rule. In the 3rd season episode, „The Staircase Implementation”, it is revealed that Leonard has agreed to a coitus clause in the roommate agreement. According to the clause, the two roommates had to notify each other at least 12 hours in advance before starting sexual activities in the apartment. Equally stifling, Leonard agreed to drive Sheldon to all his appointments. It also allowed Sheldon to control where they could eat, with meetings and rehearsals.

That`s how it goes on. Listen, I give them this: the roommate deal is fun and was a reliable source of comedy, but is it legally valid? The issue was indeed raised in the show; In season 4, Leonard was with Priya Koothrapali, a lawyer and sister of his friend Raj. When Leonard`s relationship with Priya came into conflict with Sheldon`s claims, Priya argued to Sheldon that the agreement was unenforceable. What for? Yet, for now, only a few parts of the Roomate agreement between Sheldon and Leonard are known. To give you all an overview of the details of the colocation agreement currently known, we have taken the trouble to assemble them here. Who doesn`t know him? The Roomate agreement concluded by Sheldon Cooper and signed by Leonard Hofstadter. But maybe these clauses are insignificant and have no influence on the deal in general, or maybe the rest of the contract is because Sheldon had the foresight to include a salvatorial clause. . . .