Gdpr Franchise Agreement

It will have a considerable impact on international and national franchise networks. Franchisors always keep the personal data of their franchisees. Franchisors also often receive customer and employee information from their franchisees and a central database. Some franchisees receive requests from customers directly and forward them to their franchisees. Franchisors and franchisees are probably jointly responsible for much of the data that each uses for their own purposes. Data subjects must be informed of all these rights and, as a franchise, you must be aware of your obligations to comply. Data protection legislation generally sets limits on the geographical transfer of personal data. It should be noted that the data is considered to be transmitted even if no physical transmission has taken place and if this data is only visible in another country, for example. B when a franchisee has remote access to the data of its franchisees in other countries. In a franchise, data collection responsibilities may be shared between a franchisee and a franchisee. It is therefore not clear which party has an obligation to obtain informed consent. This obligation should be the subject of a franchise agreement between the parties. In the context of franchising, a franchisee may not have access to the personal data of his franchisee without this being expressly provided for in the sense of consent of the owner of the data.

It is therefore necessary to introduce data protection and privacy policies and procedures and to make franchisees feel unnecessarily over-regulated and tied to endless bureaucracy. The main thing you should think about, in addition to clarifying the GDPR for your own business, is to implement a truly in-depth training program for your franchisees so they know what it is and what they need to do. I would initiate a few procedures. I would give some instructions. I would give your franchisees the legal documents they need to be GDPR compliant. So I would give them the privacy policy. I would give them the emails to get the new consent….