Home Inspection Defects Affect A Sales Agreement

Thank you Bill. What`s funny is that we had the inspection today, and when I looked through the house again, I noticed that every door in the house was pretty badly scratched, about 2 feet off the ground. I`ve noticed it on a lot of their other furniture, so it must be a pet of some kind. Obviously, no one noticed it when we looked through the house at first, but that`s to the point where at least 4 or 5 doors had deep scratches running about 6-8 inches and the only way to repair them would be to replace the entire door. The problems should be so great that they could have a significant impact on the use and enjoyment of the home, now and in the future. A house inspection should not consist of establishing a list of punches listing each minor defect with the house that the seller is supposed to correct. Remember that you are not buying a new home! Almost all buyers ask for a home visit when they make an offer for a home. And many are asking for repairs or concessions after recovering the inspection report. Remember that a home inspection is not a successful or failed test. It does, however, open the door to renegotiation. You don`t have to fix anything, but the buyer can also leave if he is not satisfied. If you are selling your home, you may be wondering if common repairs are needed after a visit to the house. After all, most buyers won`t commit to buying a place until there`s a thorough inspection by a home inspector – and rest assured that if there are problems, that professional will find them! Andy Peters, a high-end real estate agent in Atlanta, Georgia, says he doesn`t encourage buyers to seek repairs that a craftsman could easily do.

„If you argue about an inside door that doesn`t lock or reverse the polarity of a $500,000 house, something`s wrong.” The seller can call on his own experts to confirm the problems encountered by the inspector. In some situations, the inspector may be wrong about the status of the mechanisms and components of the house. A typical home visit takes a few hours for a medium sized house. The ratio then lasts about 3 to 4 days. The home inspector will go through the interior and exterior of the house to record any faulty, defective or dangerous problems with the home and the home environment. Laws on disclosure forms or disclosure statements vary considerably from state to state and often change. As a general rule, state disclosure laws require sellers to disclose „all material defects” in real estate. This means that they list them and explain them to the buyer. If they forget or refuse, the sale is not valid. Unfortunately, sometimes some buyers may lose the purpose of a home visit. For those who do not buy and sell houses every day, the purpose of a house inspection is to find out if these are serious structural or mechanical defects. Great points! We recommend buyers not to be major in minors, but they do not follow our advice.

I liked your comment on the GFCI, it`s still a problem. Battered windows is another common problem with loose toilets. Buyers feel they are paying too much and inspection problems are a way to recover. They forget that they are buying a used house. Everything you can give your best advice, what is reasonable and what is not. If a buyer asks a seller to update simple home items or cosmetic errors, this should raise a red flag. „If a craftsman can take care of the repair, I wouldn`t encourage a buyer to ask for it,” says Peters. „If you argue about an inside door that doesn`t lock or reverse the polarity of a $500,000 house, something`s wrong.” Failed window seals are common in homes.