Matterport Cloud Subscription Agreement

The Subscription to Matterport Cloud will be monthly or annual, the program is a free program managed by Matterport, in which current customers of Matterport („Partner”) can provide scanning services („scan services”) to customers („customers”) who wish to create spaces of one or more sites. As stated in these conditions, Matterport can help them connect from time to time to customers who are looking for scanning services. However, except in cases where Matterport has entered into another contract with a partner that directly orders the partner as a subcontractor with Matterport in connection with a pre-negotiated program: (a) Matterport is not involved in the relationship between partners and customers, and the partners will enter into scan service contracts directly with customers; (b) all partners provide digitization services as independent providers and are not Matterport contractors, employees, agents or legal partners; and (c) participation in the program does not create any matching, employment, agency or partnership relationship with Matterport. You do not have the right to enter into contracts or promise or guarantee on behalf of Matterport. „Space” has the meaning defined in the Matterport Cloud subscription agreement, available on 4.1. Subscription fees. Unless otherwise stated, your right to access and use the Matterport Cloud will be subject to Matterport`s receipt of the subscription fee for this subscription period for each subscription period. Matterport charges the initial subscription fee on the first day of the calendar month after sending your Matterport camera with the subscription fee for your second month. The subscription fee for the first month is charged for your subscription start date.

Then, until the end of the subscription, Matterport charges you the subscription fee in advance the first of each month, for monthly subscriptions or the anniversary of your original subscription. Matterport reserves the right to change billing data and/or subscription fees at any time by publishing a revised fee on Matterport`s website. Matterport also reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to offer unpaid test subscriptions for the Matterport Cloud in some cases. In the event that Matterport provides you with a test subscription, the terms of this Section 4.1 regarding subscription fees during the period of that subscription do not apply.