Reseller End User License Agreement

This agreement applies only to software provided by LyraVR, Inc. whether it is referred or described to other software. The conditions also apply to LyraVR, Inc.`s updates, supplements, internet services and support services for the software, unless other conditions accompany these items during delivery. If so, these conditions apply. 16.1 Export and government restrictions. The end user must not export or re-export the software if it violates applicable laws or regulations, including, but not exclusively, the United States of America and the European Union. In addition, the end user assures and guarantees that the software, if it is identified as an export-controlled object in accordance with U.S. or European Union export law, is not a citizen or other national of an embargo nation and that current export legislation does not prohibit it from receiving the software otherwise. If the acquisition of the software by the end user is governed by the laws of the United States of America, the end user assures and guarantees that he will comply with all specific restrictions and provisions that may apply to all contracts or agreements (including, but not limited, to the reproduction of „restricted rights” with the U.S. government or its representatives or representatives. All rights to use the software are granted provided that these rights expire if the end user does not comply with the terms of this Board.

Please read this approval agreement carefully before completing the installation process and using the LyraVR software. It provides a license for the use of LyraVR software and contains warranty information and disclaimers. 8.4 Price changes. At least fifteen (15) days before the maintenance period expires, resellers or Awingu (as appropriate) can communicate to the end user the modified maintenance and support costs for the upcoming maintenance period. Subsequently, for all licensed simultaneous users (i), the end user may renew maintenance and assistance service at modified rates or (ii) not renew maintenance and support services. If no written notification is sent to the dealer or Awingu before the end of the maintenance period, maintenance and support services will automatically be renewed at the retailer`s or Awingu`s revised maintenance and support costs. This agreement is valid from the date you first use the software and continues until it is terminated. You can terminate them at any time after written notification to LyraVR, Inc. 1.15 „Designated User” refers to any single user licensed by the end-user authorized product to access or use the Software, regardless of how many people connect to the software at any given time. All designated users must be entered into the designated user database, held by Awingu (the „Awingu database”). 3.3 The non-resale license.

To the extent that the order form reflects this, Awingu grants the end user a limited, personal, non-transferable, revocable, non-exclusive license, without the right to sublicens, resell or transfer the Software for testing and use purposes exclusively for internal users or for commercial demonstration purposes. In order to avoid doubts, non-for-sale sales licenses cannot be used to accommodate end customers, if any, as for a short-term demo.