Yoga Teacher Employment Agreement

Given the yoga studio`s current involvement in a multitude of legally binding agreements, the awarding of services with yoga teachers is a logical extension of the idea that contracts are a necessary part of the yoga business. A contract clarifies legal rights and obligations – in the commercial context, what each party has the right to demand and expect from the other. Since industrial relationships can evolve over time, the written realization of rights and duties can help define the rules and boundaries between the parties, rather than leaving them to the whims of how well people get along. Your teachers and other employees, such as those at the front desk, will interact with your clients, in some very intimate cases. They must be able to trust that these teachers accept the level required for the students in the class, both physically (for example. B support participants with pose adjustments, if necessary or useful to deepen their practice) and often mentally by sharing personal stories and spiritual concepts. 5.1 Yoga teacher is responsible for his travel and communication expenses, all professional fees, fines, licenses, insurance, obligations or taxes required or collected by yoga teachers, as well as all other activity expenses. Ompany`s management is not responsible for any cost or cost of any type that yoga teachers have to provide services for yoga classes during yoga retreats. Surf Gwada covers the yoga teacher`s accommodation for yoga retreat time, on island transportation and excursions with the Guiding Ompany while she runs the Yoga Retreat. 10.2 Full Agreement of the Contracting Parties: This agreement replaces all other written or written agreements and contracts between the parties regarding the services of yoga teachers for a yoga retreat organized by Guiding Company. It contains all alliances and agreements between the parties that in any way concern the provision of these services. Each party to this agreement acknowledges that no promise, inducement, promise or oral or other agreement has been given by any party or by persons acting on behalf of a party who are not included in this contract. In the event of an agreement, declaration or commitment in this contract, it is null, void and non-binding.

Any amendment to this contract only takes effect if it is written down and approved by both parties. Obligations One of the most important parts of the contract relates to the obligations (or obligations) of the other party in relation to the other job description. Many full-time contracts contain only a general description. (b) the indication that it is expected to provide full-time services and to act in accordance with the employer`s guidelines and procedures.